Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Landeswettbewerb für Gründerinnen und Gründer
Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Landeswettbewerb für Gründerinnen und Gründer
Smart Forest

Über das Projekt:

Smart Forest is a tree token and marketplace for carbon credits based on blockchain technology with investment features. The main concept is to allow to neutralise, not limit, carbon emissions, by keeping trees as an asset in a transparent register. We change social responsibility management into a profitable business!

Das Team

Iwa Pawlak, 29, Poland, Lodz

Co-founder. Experience on the field of blockchain, ICO, STO, as well as business and marketing (main focus on branding).


Alexey Rudometov, 33, Russia, St-Petersburg.

Co-founder of the project with a lot of experience in business building, IT, fintech area, mathematician, developer.


Grigorii Tiurin, 32, Russia, Moscow

CTO, Researcher in the field of engineering and computing technologies, engineer, designer, marketing specialist.

Die Idee

Two years ago we faced the problem of lack of forest and timber micro investment possibilities. This, as well an alarming ecological situation and vulnerability of financial markets led us to invent the Smart Forest concept.


Smart Forest is a platform for tree tokenization into the collectable ERC 721 format as well as a global marketplace for selling and buying carbon credits.


You might be wonder who would be interested in tree tokenization.

First of all, enterprises who will need to pay with the carbon credits for emissions.

Secondly, forest owners who will not only increase the control but allow to gain bonuses from the forest they own.

Agencies who are right now collecting money for forest restoration.

And last but not less all of us. With Smart Forest, we can not only support the nature but also make a sure investment for our retirement.

Standort: Baden-Württemberg zu gründen
Gründungsjahr: 2019
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