Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Landeswettbewerb für Gründerinnen und Gründer
Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Landeswettbewerb für Gründerinnen und Gründer

Über das Projekt:

Software that gonna extract knowledge from database that consists of modern architecture and egineering solutions. Extracted knowledge gonna be used in interactive tool for Architects and Project Developers on early prototyping stage of bulding.

Das Team

Anton Bubnov - Information Engineering, Universität Kosntanz

Artuk Kakhorov - Informatik, Universität Konstanz

Mykyta Bilokopytov - Architect

Die Idee

We want to collect existing (best) architecture and engineering solutions from the construction industry. From collected data with the help of machine learning and domain experts we want to extract knowledge about what properties good building has to have and what actually makes a building "good". Further we will provide a tool for architects and project developers that will help in building planning on early stages. Based on our collected knowledge and further algorithms we will provide the most optimal building configuration (for example location on the ground, orientation and floor planning) on the earliest stage of planning. Architect's knowledge though will be extended by world best practices and architect will be advised what alternatives are available to achieve certain goals in building planning. Those can be reduction of CO2 by using alternative materials or engineering solutions, reduce costs, ground usage, increase living surface etc.

Standort: Baden-Württemberg
Gründungsjahr: 2019
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