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'Start-up BW' represents a high-performance network of partners from a variety of regional or institutional backgrounds. It is the umbrella brand under which we bring together all relevant actions and subsidy options, allowing us to increase the level of service and transparent support for start-ups from within Baden-Württemberg.

VC-BW – Network for Investment Capital

The VC networks and companies in Baden-Württemberg already make a massive contribution to the start-up scene in Baden-Württemberg with numerous events, online platforms and competitions. Industry-specific and regional focus mean that it is difficult to get a broad overview of start-ups suitable for VC, or of the activities across the whole VC scene in Baden-Württemberg. This is where "VC-BW – Network for Investment Capital” comes into play, presenting an overview of the activities to ensure that investors from outside Baden-Württemberg get all the information about the VC scene there at a glance. Selected young businesses also have a chance to introduce themselves at the annual VC event hosted by VC-BW. The VC pitch presents the “Best of Baden-Württemberg” to the investors. VC-BW was initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Baden-Württemberg together with Stuttgart Financial. Other Start-up BW partners and VC companies are included in the activities of VC-BW.