A meeting place for people looking to start something new We connect people, knowledge and opportunities.
A meeting place for people looking to start something new We connect people, knowledge and opportunities.

Kick-off for the state-wide campaign at the Start-up Summit on 14th July 2017

Minister for Economic Affairs Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut talking about Start-up BW

The Minister for Economic Affairs presented the new state-wide campaign “Start-up BW” at the Start-up Summit Baden-Württemberg. A host of measures and actions are planned to connect and guide start-ups and their supporters, and provide them with a public forum.

The state-wide campaign "Start-up BW"

There are a range of start-up scenes in Baden-Württemberg focusing on Business-to-Business models. This area boasts a number of leading national start-ups in various industries, focusing on several technologies, which are also well-positioned in the international market.

The state government of Baden-Württemberg is aiming to retain the competitive and economic strength of the state and strengthen its domestic and international reputation as a start-up region. With this aim in mind, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing has initiated the new “Start-up BW” campaign.

The Internet platform created for the campaign, startupbw.de, maps the regional ecosystems, institutions and contact data relevant for new entrepreneurs across the state. You can find an overview of the start-up subsidy opportunities provided by the state here.

However, existing and successful projects are also continuing alongside the “Start-up BW” campaign. The state portal for start-ups and company succession continues to provides detailed information, structured according to the target groups for various topic areas, including new start-ups, and handing over or taking over companies in various industries. You can also click on gruendung-bw.de for more information about subsidy opportunities, as well as consulting and contact information.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs provided conceptual and financial support for the Initiative for Start-ups and Company Succession (ifex), working with all start-up-relevant institutions in Baden-Württemberg to create a broad offering of information, qualification and consulting opportunities. Over the past 20 years, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been cooperating with chambers of commerce, local authorities, universities, technical and industry associations, regional and industry-specific business development institutions, technology and start-up centres, privately-funded start-up initiatives, consulting services, senior experts, development banks and commercial banks to lay the foundations for start-ups in Baden-Württemberg.