Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Landeswettbewerb für Gründerinnen und Gründer
Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Landeswettbewerb für Gründerinnen und Gründer

Über das Projekt:

To be the trusted, easily accessible advisor providing educational and goal-based investment platform to empower women financially irrespective of their income towards attaining a responsible and sustainable future for themselves and their generations.

Das Team


Die Idee

We want to educate women on how they can prioritise their finances, help them grow, protect and maintain their wealth, help them think about intergenerational wealth transfer, give them the tools to take control of their investing. The goal is to provide a holistic approach and really understand women's needs, knowledge base, earnings, lifespan, behaviour etc. and incorporate these into their asset allocation.

Hybrid model: The robo- advisor will use artificial intelligence and algorithms to allocate assets according to individual client’s goals. Human touch for education and more sensitive issues like estate planning, death, concierge services etc.

Impact fund to help other women advance their causes.

Virtual Reality will be used as an immersive experience to explore and simulate lifecycles through retirement in order to emphasize all aspects of wealth management.


Standort: Badedn Wurttemberg
Gründungsjahr: 2019
Abstimmung beendet