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Talenter.io - a blockchain based shared economy platform for services

Talenter.io - a blockchain based shared economy platform for services


Talenter.io - a blockchain based shared economy platform for services
Alexander Hotz
Nobelstrasse 15
70569 Stuttgart
Telefon: 01632383031

Talenter.io offers everyone a revolutionary, simple and in this way previously unknown opportunity to make personal skills available to the market as a service or to access such services on the Talenter.io platform.


In the world there is abundance in everything. Goods and products anyway, but also time. People have more and more time at their disposal. That's why travel, gaming, fitness and entertainment are booming like never before.


On the other hand, the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger. The number of people at the lower end of the scale who earn their money by casual and part-time work is rising rapidly. These are the people who are looking for new employment opportunities.

Shared economy companies such as Uber, Betsy or AirBnB benefit from this. But also here they meet a hard competition.

There are not enough services to get everyone into work.


On Talenter.io any activity can become a saleable service, and that is revolutionary. Almost everyone can do something particularly well, master a "field of expertise" or do something particularly gladly. On Talenter.io, all these personal skills become marketable services.

To give just a few examples: the preparation and serving of Japanese tea, teaching Klingon as a foreign language or a philosophical walk.

Talenter.io will offer services that nobody knows about today.

Such services are genuinely interesting and certainly in demand, but they do not fit into the system of common job titles.

And further how will anyone ask for a never-heard-of-service? Naturally it's not possible. That's why Talenter.io is going to revolutionise the way people look for services.


Today people are searching for a specific service, but on Talenter.io they will browse through services like they do today with consumer products.


Talenter.io is an ingenious, global solution which targets above mentioned boom markets, brings together the time-in-abundance on the demand side with the ideas-in-abundance on the supply side

and furthermore introduces the first conventional useable cryptocurrency (for buying and selling services).