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Swarm Logistics

Swarm Logistics


Swarm Logistics
Damir Dulovic
Königstr 22
70173 Stuttgart
Telefon: 0049/(0)711/50431679

We organize the world's flow of goods.


Swarm Logistics GmbH is a software technology company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous systems.

We are creating the software technology to enable the world’s first “decentralized autonomous logistics organization“ (DALO) with hyper efficient sourcing, a peer to peer coordination and cutting edge swarm intelligence algorithms.


We are building the „Business Operating System“ thus the Robo-Manager and brain for logistics companies in the „machine economy“. Our Auto-Dispatcher is enabling profit-optimal Routing and Tour-planning, algorithmic freight forwarding, truck platooning and Swarm Logistics and is applicable to inter-fleet transshipping.

The Auto-Dispatcher is optimizing the whole fleet and is ready for heterogeneous fleets with autonomous vehicles, AGVs & delivery robots in open and closed environments.



Imprint: www.swarmlogistics.net/impressum.html