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Q-nnect AG

Q-nnect AG


Q-nnect AG
Bernd Spindler
Julius-Hatry-Strasse 1
68163 Mannheim
Telefon: +49 163 9025381

Q-nnect ermöglicht mit seiner Software einfachen Zugriff und Weiterverarbeitung aller Unternehmensdaten aus ERP Sytemen, SaaS, Webservices, Produktionsanlagen, Datenbanken, Sozialenmedien, ... .

Mit der Softwarelösung können sie alle Prozesse ihres Unternehmens überwachen reporten und steuern, ohne ihre bestehenden Systeme ändern zu müssen.



Challenges such as Big Data, IoT, the requirement for digitalization of many processes, generate a huge worldwide demand for innovative, high performance, mobile and especially flexible software solutions. The provisioning and correct handling of large amounts of data and their flow across system boundaries has become the fundamental challenge for every company. Due to a smart architecture and a pure SaaS design of the R/4 Manhattan platform, the effort for digitalization of many processes and development of new customer apps can be reduced significantly. Companies benefit from high flexibility in process design and over 50% savings in implementation. The introduction of a semantic layer enables companies to integrate existing legacy with modern apps w/o risk – thus providing max protection to former investments. The business user can model solutions in his business language w/o having to learn data models of data provisioning technologies.


Q-nnect AG enables companies to perform step-by-step business innovations. 2017 use cases across the reference customer base were PMI reporting, migration from legacy ERP to new S/4 HANA, Simulation of P&L impact from organizational change, Product Portfolio Optimization.

The key benefits at each account were the speed from solution design to obtaining the desired results, as well as the confidence of all business leaders to drive further use cases with very little to none IT and consulting support, directing the budget to where innovation is needed the most.