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Instant Music Licensing

Instant Music Licensing


Instant Music Licensing
Zeljko Lopicic
Burgsteige 2
73728 Esslingen

INSTANT MUSIC LICENSING simplifies the process of media licensing with a cloud based music-licensing-search-engine. Get your own licensing-store for music. Publisher, Record Labels and Musicians are welcome for a free trial.


We’ve build a platform which is meant to save you time and money and take the hassle out of production music discovery. We’re about matching your music needs with our extensive, well-organized library - via “moods”.


We watched our clients carefully and found - a feeling is the most ingenious and authentic way to explore music. So we decided to go from there, build on this & make our search about the feeling you’re actually looking to transport.


The result was an intuitive and easy way to discover the right soundtrack for the right moment and never worry about licensing issues again.


IML is a service to simply license & trade music and media for all.

IML is a trading platform for digital contents. it is an online platform for producers as well as buyers – The content-owner always remains the rights-owner. Everyone keeps and manages his rights of use himself! Unique in addition is the “allow bidding”-function which permits media creators from e.g. advertising agencies or TV productions to send specific requests as well as requests in accordance with their budget to the content-owner.