Start-up BW Young Talents

Continued economic growth and the positive situation in the job market do not necessarily encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, so Start-up BW is now trying to encourage this among younger people and generate opportunity-based entrepreneurs, who will want to seize the chance to achieve commercial success with their own independent business.

Together with the Ministry of Education and the Arts, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has initiated a large number of school-based projects. The new education plan means that Economics is a compulsory subject at all secondary schools and contains topics related to start-ups.

A new format, encompassing design thinking, canvas business model workshops, pitch training and elevator pitches, is intended to bring entrepreneurship education closer to the real world of start-ups. This project is managed by the Steinbeis Innovation Centre for Corporate Development and is scheduled to start in the upcoming academic year 2017/18. You can find more information about the project at >>