Start-up BW Vouchers

Innovation Vouchers

For research and development services

The innovation vouchers Baden-Württemberg support the use of research and development services in the context of planning, development and implementation of innovative ideas. The Hightech Start-up voucher was introduced in 2012. It is aimed specifically at high-tech start-ups for a period of up to five years after foundation, and supports innovative ideas from the growth areas of the future. The Hightech Digital voucher was then introduced in May 2017, to support mature and old SMEs in the development and implementation of challenging digital products and services. It provides special conditions for applicants who rely on start-ups as R&D partners.

Consulting Vouchers

For consulting in the early start-up phase

Baden-Württemberg operates a low-threshold voucher system that is different to the consulting subsidy programmes available elsewhere in Germany. For example, no specific application is required to receive the expert consultation. Up to 80 % of the costs for this are covered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Baden-Württemberg and by the European Social Fund (ESF). Consultations are performed by selected institutions, including Start-up BW partners with suitable consulting resources for innovative and growth-oriented start-up plans.

  • Innovation Voucher A (max. 2,500 Euro at 80%)
    for scientific activity ahead of development, e.g. technology, patents, or market research and feasibility studies
  • Innovation Voucher B (max. 5,000 Euro at 50%)
    for implementation-oriented research and development activities, e.g. construction, service engineering, prototype construction and product tests
  • Innovation Voucher Hightech Start-up (max. 20,000 Euro at 50%)
    for implementation-oriented research and development activities in the context of a high-tech project for a young business
  • Innovation Voucher Hightech Digital (max. 20,000 Euro at 50%)
    for implementation-oriented research and development activities as part of challenging R&D projects for mature and old SMEs, in the context of development and implementation of digital products and services.
  • Innovation Voucher for High-tech Mobility for implementation-oriented research and development activities within the framework of ambitious R&D projects of established companies for the development and realisation of technology and process innovations in connection with sustainable products and services of future mobility.