Start-up BW Accelerators

The early phases in the life of a young business represent a particularly challenging and decisive period for entrepreneurs: the business model is under development, the first round of financing is imminent and the prototype has to be made ready for the market.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Baden-Württemberg, makes use of state funding and the European Structural Funds ESF and EFRE to enable continual support for start-up accelerators that provide help and comprehensive support for start-ups in this early phase of the business.



Start-up BW accelerators currently being subsidised include the following:

Life Science Accelerator

The Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg Mannheim/Heidelberg/Tübingen focuses on biotechnology, pharma and medical technology.

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M.Tech Accelerator

The M.Tech Accelerator Stuttgart focuses on engineering and mobility.

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SMART GREEN Accelerator

The <SMART> GREEN-Accelerator Freiburg focuses on clean technology, energy, green digital and green lifestyle.

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BadenCampus Accelerator

The badenCAMPUS-Accelerator Breisach/Freiburg focuses on microsystem technology and sustainability technology.

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Sandbox Accelerator

The SANDBOX Accelerator Stuttgart focuses on the creative industries.

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The CyberLab Karlsruhe focuses on IT and related high-tech industries.

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Energie-Accelerator AXEL

The Energie-Accelerator AXEL Karlsruhe focuses on the energy industries.

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The Up2B-Accelerator Walldorf focuses on Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

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The Textile.Accelerator at Reutlingen University focuses on Fashion, Fair and Smart Textiles.

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