Map with markers for the Start-up Ecosystems in Baden-Württemberg.

Plenty of good reasons for entrepreneurs to choose BW for their start-up

Strong partners, strong networks, strong support

Starting a new company and building up the business to the point where you can enjoy its success is a strenuous process. The term “business ecosystem” was coined in the early 90s to describe the various relationships and conditions that contribute to commercial success as an entrepreneur. It was first used by corporate strategist James Moore in an article for the Harvard Business Review. He later published a book with the title “The Death of Competition: Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems”. .

When we talk about start-up ecosystems, we are referring to everything that is involved in creating a positive and fruitful environment for start-ups to prosper.

We have now identified eleven such start-up ecosystems in Baden-Württemberg. These are regions in which partners, networks and institutions produce a business climate conducive to start-ups. We already know that this number could grow, some may change, some may join together or split up. Who knows, maybe the entire state will become one giant start-up ecosystem? We want to work on this together. We have made a start.

The conditions differ but the requirements remain the same:

It does not matter whether you are in Silicon Valley, Berlin, or East Württemberg. Start-ups have the best chance of success when talented individuals come together, capital is available to finance the venture, research and educational institutions work as expected, administration and politics require a minimum of bureaucracy, potential customers and cooperation partners are in the vicinity, a modern digital and public infrastructure exists, the environment is open for innovation and creativity, and there is space for experimentation and a high quality of life.


B2B, Life Sciences/Health, Data Science / Machine Learning / Big Data, Internet of Things, Cultural and Creative Economy


IT, CyberSecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Mobility, Engineering


Automotive, Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Textiles

Stuttgart and Region

Wide range of industries including Mobility, Mechanical Engineering, Industry 4.0, FinTech and Creative Economy


Sustainability & Green Economy, Health & Life Sciences incl . Medical Technology, IT & Microsystems Technology, Creative Economy


Automotive, Medical Technology, Industry, Food, Digitalisation


IT/Digitalisation, Biotechnology, Logistics, Commercial Vehicles/Mechanical Engineering

Lake Constance

Information & Communication Technology, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Nutritional Science, Aerospace Technology, Nanotechnology, Packaging Technology

Eastern Württemberg

Technology-Oriented, Knowledge-Intensive Start-ups


E-Commerce, Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

Northern Black Forest

Black Forest-Baar-Heuberg